You deserve to look good and feel better MORE OFTEN.

Our fully equipped blow dry bar provides you with the convenience of an on-call stylist, at a price that makes it accessible for more moments of your life.  We're committed to making an affordable luxury that goes a LONG way.  For a limited time, purchase 10 blowouts with the crew of our BLOW DRY BAR for just $25 per sizzle session ($250 package cost).

Step 1: Step into our salon.
Step 2: Sit down at our BLOW DRY BAR.
Step 3: Sashay out and SLAY the day.

Everyday is worth it. Not just important occasions. Your life is happening at the grocery store, in the car, at the bank...those minutes are just as important as any others.

You deserve to look good and FEEL BETTER more often, and we're here to make that easier and more affordable. We can't wait to see you in that chair.

Package of 10 Blowouts at the BLOW DRY BAR - $250
Single Blowout at the BLOW DRY BAR - $35