Using the most comfortable methods in a safe, private setting, we offer stress-free waxing services to all of our clients.  A special blend of lavender oil, chamomile, and Australian wax (in your choice of lavender or desert rose)  is followed by a skin-soothing tea tree oil mask.  Our waxes are crafted from the finest natural resins, beeswax, and aromatherapy ingredients to provide the ultimate in gentle comfort for our clients. Our expert staff is specially trained to perform Brazilian and Sphinx waxing (for brave beauties!)  Our goal is to leave you feeling spectacular, with revitalized, smooth, soft, and silky skin.


Lip or Chin $10.00 & up
Cheeks $15.00 & up
Face (eyebrow, lip, chin,cheeks) $50.00
Eyebrows $25.00 & up
Eyebrows with tweezing $30.00
Underarm $30.00
Half arm $35.00
Full arm $45.00
Navel  $10.00
Bikini  $45.00 & up
Brazilian $70.00
Sphinx $70.00
Bikini with Microdermabrasion $85.00 & up
Lower leg $40.00
Upper leg $45.00
Full leg $75.00
Full leg & bikini $110.00
Hands or Toes $10.00
Breast $10.00
Buttocks $25.00



Eyebrows $25.00
Nose, Nostrils and Ear $30.00
Neck $15.00
Back $75.00 & up
Shoulders  $30.00
Back & Shoulders $90.00 & up
Chest $75.00


Developed by European doctors, EpilFree Serum provides an affordable alternative to expensive hair removal services and a solution in cases where lasers or electrolysis is ineffective. It works on all hair types and colors.

*Refrain from waxing services if using Retin-A, Accutane, or if sunburned or recovering from a laser peel.