A Quick look at the Benefits of Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions:

  • Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions provide a completely natural look; they are virtually weightless and feel completely natural.
  • Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions offer a permanent adhesive – the eyelash extensions only fall off when the natural lash falls due to its natural growth cycle.
  • Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are applied directly to the lash and the adhesive never touches the skin resulting in no irritation.
  • Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are tapered, resulting in a flexible and natural looking appearance. 

"Xtreme Lashes®? That sounds great!"

Xtreme Lashes® Semi- Permanent Eyelash Extensions are single strands of synthetic lashes that are applied one to your own natural lashes. Each synthetic strand is tapered at the tip with a thick base and curled to replicate a natural lash. Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylists meticulously and delicately attach one lash extension to one natural lash at a time for a total of 60 to 120 lash extensions per eye.

"How Long is the Process?"

The procedure typically takes anywhere from 1 ½ hours to 2 hours, depending on the number of lashes being applied per eye. Clients are comfortably reclined on an esthetic bed or massage table with their eyes closed, and lower lashes are covered to prevent the top lashes from adhering to the bottom lashes. The procedure is referred to as “Beauty Sleep” as it is non-invasive, painless and so relaxing that clients typically fall asleep then awaken to lush, beautiful lashes.

"What is the Lash Stylist Going to Do?"

During the application, our Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylist will isolate one natural lash and attach one Xtreme Lashes® lash extension to the isolated hair about 1mm from the eyelid so that none of the eyelash extensions actually touch the skin or stick to each other. This results in the natural look and feel associated with the Xtreme Lashes® brand.

"What Type of Adhesive Product is used?"

Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are adhered using one of the Xtreme Lashes® High Performance adhesives—the safest and longest-lasting line of adhesives developed specifically for the Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extension procedure. The primary ingredient in  Xtreme Lashes® adhesives is the same substance used for suture-less wound closure (closing wounds without the use of stitches).

"Can I choose My Look?"

Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylists are trained to design and “style” lashes to suit the needs of the client. Our Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylist will conduct a consultation with her client and take into consideration the client’s eye shape, condition of natural lashes, facial features, skin tone, and the lifestyle and preference of the client. The Lash Stylist will then select the appropriate lengths, curvatures, thicknesses and colors to customize a unique, individual look for their client. Virtually any look can be created, from a natural, subtle enhancement to the highest-impact drama queen lashes in town.

"How long will my Lashes Look fantastic?"

The look can last indefinitely with 45 minute refills every 2-3 weeks. Like your scalp hair, natural eyelashes grow and shed in a cycle, which is typically about 60 days (2 months). When a natural eyelash matures and falls out, a new eyelash has already been growing and quickly replaces it. People typically shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles. When properly applied, an Xtreme Lashes® extension will remain in place until the natural lash on which it rests falls out. Refills are necessary to replenish the fallen hairs and maintain the look.