Our Spa offers an array of massage & body treatment services for men and women according to their personalized needs.  If you have a particular concern, or would like to ask any questions, please call us for a private consultation – we will gladly help you.

Bali and the Asian Pacific Rim have always been influenced by tradition and spirituality. With our Tropical Spa Rituals, we replicate the Floral Foot Floral Wash Ritual, use exotic ingredients and centuries-old treatments so that you may experience “Jamu,” the Indonesian term for “herbal remedies used internally and externally for overall health and beauty.”

“Samun Prai” Thai Herbal Heat Revival
We combine a heated muslin parcel of aromatic herbs and spices with an invigorating massage.  A rejuvenating blend of peppermint and mandarin essential oils are infused into the capsule for the ultimate private journey.
75 minutes – $135.00

Neroli Petals Body Buff
While lying in our body therapy capsule, this superior body scrub ritual combines fruit enzymes, orange pulp, and warm aromatherapy oils for a soothing and purifying exfoliating with anti-aging benefits.  Final application of exotic flower body balm leaves the skin vibrant, replenished, and flawless.
50 minutes – $85.00
with lavender body mask – $135.00

The Ginger Peel Revival
Known for its ability to nourish, calm, and soothe, ginger is also used to treat flu-like symptoms.  In classic Ayurvedic tradition, we use ginger to scrub and wrap your body, then follow the experience with a hot ginger oil massage.  The body is then steamed and rinsed for a new sense of well-being.
120 minutes – $185.00

Rituals of Purification
Restoring balance and combating the build-up of toxins through the life force of nature, we have created exotic treatments specifically designed to achieve the magic and strength of the sea.

Aroma Vitality
Mineral and vitamin-rich Seaweed is used to wrap your body and promote well-being.  Stimulating body balance and relief from aches and pains is the focus of this detoxifying and purifying experience.
60 minutes – $110.00

Parafango Tango
Using a unique combination of sea mud and paraffin, the application stimulates the lymphatic flow in one’s body, resulting in a greatly minimized appearance of cellulite and a visible reduction of inches.  Ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the silhouette post-pregnancy or following erratic weight gain/loss.  We recommend a six treatment cycle for best results.
Half body – $95.00
Full body – $175.00

Rituals of Touch
The benefits of massage are boundless, leading the mind and spirit to new levels of relaxation and awareness. Massage & reflexology treatments include steam room privileges.

Aromatherapy Massage
Using a customized blend of pure flower and plant root oils, this specially designed massage uses light, rhythmic movements along the body to promote detoxification, nourishment and body awareness.
50 minutes – $90.00
90 minutes – $145.00

Balinese Massage (Deep Tissue massage)
This traditional Indonesian massage, complete with sounds of island, utilizes therapeutic techniques borrowed from Europe, India and China to invigorate muscles and increase blood circulation. Ideal for athletes and aerobic fans.
50 minutes – $95.00
90 minutes – $150.00

Cupping Therapy Massage
Cupping is an ancient practice used throughout Egypt, China, and the Middle East to treat various ailments such as pain, inflammation, and numerous pathologies. The AMA (American Medical Association) states that dry cupping is a safe, harmless practice that induces muscle relaxation. During a treatment session, the practitioner will apply cups to your skin that will have a suction effect. This effect is sometimes described as an “inside out” massage, for blood rushes to the surface whilst pulling the muscle up to the dermis. Once the therapy is complete, the practitioner will remove the cups and a circular discoloration will appear which may last up to two weeks or more. A tingling feeling may also last up to a few hours after the cupping treatment.
30 minutes – $85.00

Maternal Interlude
This light massage reduces discomfort and water retention, alleviates lower back pain and releases muscle tension in the neck and shoulder areas.
50 minutes – $90.00

R’A’ie Fenua Massage
Polynesian for “Heaven on Earth,” this tropical spa ritual focuses on the head, scalp and feet to perfect the balance of one’s energy. Special massage techniques stimulate organ and gland functions while releasing tension.
75 minutes – $135.00

Mandara Massage
Combining a multitude of techniques from around the world, this massage is performed simultaneously by two trained therapists for a spiritual dance over one’s body that leads to a harmonious, peaceful, soulful place.
50 minutes – $175.00

Aroma Stone Therapy
Using the natural rhythm and resources of the Earth, hot stones offer a deeply relaxing experience that brings balance to one’s emotional and spiritual life. A deepened level of relaxation that goes beyond the traditional massage.
75 minutes – $135.00

Healing Stone Foot Massage
Penetrating muscles in the feet to improve circulation. The heat from the stones lingers on the body to eradicate stress and reduce pain. To complete the experience, feet are wrapped in a revitalizing, algae-based paraffin mask.
50 minutes – $90.00

Scalp Massage
This massage stimulates blood flow, helps to prevent and fight avoidable hair loss and reestablish the natural development of healthy hair. In addition to all this, it is extremely relaxing, calming, and helps relieve headaches and migraines.
30 minutes – $60.00

Based on the belief that each part of the body is connected to the feet through a network of nerves, Reflexology stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities by applying pressure to specific areas. Eliminates stress, improves energy flow and increases circulation.
30 minutes – $60.00
50 minutes – $90.00

Well-Being Back Massage
Focusing on the back and shoulders to relieve tension and aching muscles, this target specific treatment is a great “pick-me-up.”
30 minutes – $60.00

Himalayan Salt Body Treatment
Himalayan Salt is totally natural, free from additives and pollutants, and is rich in natural substances. It has extremely high bioenergetic values and contains all the minerals and trace elements the human body needs. The salt stones bring such an incredible balancing, calming, and invigorating quality to warm stone massage.
90 minutes – $225.00

Swedish Massage
Relieve stress, restore balance & calm the nervous system, while loosening and relaxing tight, tired muscles.
Upper or Lower Body – 30 minutes – $55.00
Full Body – 50 minutes – $95.00
Full Body – 90 minutes – $130.00

Deep Tissue Massage
Intense, working deep into the layers of the muscles.
Upper or Lower Body – 30 minutes – $65.00
Full Body – 60 minutes – $110.00
Full Body – 90 minutes – $145.00

Hot Stone Massage
The ultimate relaxation, using smooth, heated basalt lava stones as treatment tools.
60 minutes – $105.00
90 minutes – $130.00

Mother-to-Be Massage
Promotes well-being for mother and baby with techniques designed to ease discomfort, improve circulation, and relax tense muscles.
60 minutes – $100.00

Teen Massage
Helps stressed students cope with anxiety, and recuperate from muscle pains from sports or bad postural habits.
30 minutes – $55.00
90 minutes – $135.00