Our Spa offers a broad array of skin care services for men and women according to their individualized needs.  Our facials include a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation and extraction, if desired and suited to your skin type.

If you have a particular concern or would like to ask any questions, please call us for a private consultation- we will gladly help you.

Essential Growth Factor Skin Brightening Treatment
60 minutes - $185.00.
This brightening treatment using TENSAGE SERUM 15 restores skin clarity, reduces pigment spots and discoloration.

Biopelle Acne and Oil Control Treatment
Teen Acne Treatment: 50 minutes - $145.00.
Adult Acne Treatment: 50 minutes - $175.00

Tensage Facial (slow aging to a snail’s pace with Biopelle)
75 minutes - $185.00
Tensage line from Biopelle utilizes the unique SCA Biorepair Technology, a fibroblast growth factor to slow and
reverse the visible sign of aging. This complex treatment with AFA amino acid professional strength peel and
intensive Ampoule treatment of SCA Biorepair could be just what you need to get e fabulous skin. Daily use of
Tensage regimen generates visible improvement in skin tone and texture after three months.

The Chroma Lift Facial (lymphatic drainage with color therapy)
90 minutes - $175.00
Five sessions recommended - $700.00
This completely non-invasive treatment offers a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery
and is an excellent aid in pre- and post-surgical care. Aesthetically, this advanced boosting facial produces a visible
"lifting" effect as it takes your skin on a journey of total renewal.

Phyto Rejuvenating Facial
75 minutes - $145.00
Experience the ultimate in scientific holistic therapy. We combine the life force and purity of plants with the
therapeutic effect of colored light and lymphatic drainage to dramatically improve your skin's condition. Expert,
personalized care and state-of-the-art European technology also play a part in what will be the most relaxing and
pleasurable skin treatment you will ever experience.

Multivitamin Facial (Eminence pulp vitamin treatment)
60 minutes - $95.00
Pamper your skin with this luxurious radiance treatment. Skin is revitalized with carrot and orange pulp infused with
a honey, lemon and vanilla combination loaded with vitamin C and carotinoids to hydrate and help combat free
radicals. The scent is as amazing as the results.

Hydro Lifting Facial
60 minutes - $145.00
Non-surgical face-lift with instant results. This magnificent treatment restores your skin’s natural water balance, will
heal dehydrated skin and help to protect from future moisture loss.

Instant Glow Facial
60 minutes - $150.00
A firm favorite for "natural beauty booster" of the year, this facial is entirely designed to produce "drop-dead,
gorgeous skin" instantly. Sensitive skin is calmed, oily and dry skins are normalized, and pigmentation is reduced. A
great pick-me-up before an event or a night on the town.

Turn Back Time Facial (Microdermabrasion)
60 minutes - $145.00
6 sessions - $725.00
“Diamond Tome” is our skin’s new best friend. This science of skin resurfacing, anti-aging treatment, dramatically
rejuvenates the skin. Recommended for our most image-conscious clientele.

Decoltée Treatment (with Microdermabrasion)
30 minutes - $65.00

The Heavenly Hand Ritual (Microdermabrasion for hands)
30 minutes - $45.00
The hands always reveal one's true age. Our ultimate hand therapy sheds years of tell-tale aging by eliminating
cracked, dry skin, reducing wrinkles and improving the skin's texture.

Microdermabrasion + Glycolic Peel
75 minutes - $185.00

Intensive Oxygenating Facial
60 minutes - $145.00
Decongest and purify your skin. A glycolic peel provides exfoliation and cell renewal. Then Stabilized Hydrogen
Peroxide infuses the skin with oxygen. This formula is specially created to heal asphyxiated and dehydrated skin.

Collagen Eye Contour Treatments
30 minutes - $60.00
Two a la carte options are included in this treatment: "anti-wrinkles, moisturizing" or "anti-water, decongesting". In
less than an hour, the damage of today's hectic lifestyle is undone, revealing firmer, younger-looking eye contours
that take 'years' off your face.

Clarity Back Treatment
60 minutes - $105.00
Deep cleansing and essential maintenance for an often-problematic area. Excellent for those elegant backless or
strappy dresses or just a great way to be pampered and relaxed after a stressful day.

Teen Facial (acne control solution)
60 minutes - $85.00

Blue Light Acne Treatment (the breakout control solution)
60 minutes - $110.00